The Father's House Bible Institute

Earn your Associates Degree  in Biblical Studies through Trinity College of the Bible.  This affordable, online program is packed full of course offerings to help you dig deeper into God's Word. 

Getting Started

The Father's House Bible Institute offers undergraduate-level online audio lecture courses in books of the Bible and other related biblical subjects.
Listen and study from anywhere in the world: on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Each completed course earns a diploma. A Master Teacher Certificate is earned upon completion of eight courses, and an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies may be earned upon completion of sixteen courses.

Our Bible Institute is affiliated with Trinity College of the Bible in Newburgh, IN, the pioneer of theological distance learning; who for over four decades trained thousands and currently has thousands of students around the world. All audio lectures have been done by qualified faculty.

Tuition Fee per course $68
The Tuition Fee includes unlimited access to the (downloadable) audio lectures as you complete multiple-choice test to qualify for the diploma. No textbooks are required, although a Bible is recommended.  
For more information and to register for a course contact:
Dean of FHBI: Margie Schmidt
Online Audio Lecture Courses
Each Lecture is 20-30 minutes
A Survey of the Old Testament 1
Genesis- II Samuel 8
( 22 Lectures)

A Survey of the Old Testament II
Samuel 9-Daniel 3:18
( 22 Lectures)

A Survey of the Old Testament III
Daniel 4- Malachi
( 20 Lectures)

The Book of Genesis
An overview of the Book of Genesis
( 32 Lectures)

The Book of Daniel
Insights in the Book of Daniel
(31 Lectures)

A Survey of the New Testament I
Matthew 1- John 7
( 22 Lectures)

A Survey of the New Testament II
John 8 - 1 Corinthians 7
( 22 Lectures)

A Survey of the New Testament III
1 Corinthians 8 - Revelation
( 22 Lectures)

The Epistle of Paul to the Romans
Learn the Five Major doctrines in Paul's Epistle
( 18 Lectures) 

Other Course include:

The History of Biblical Counseling
Women's Issues in Counseling
Resolving Conflict Through Personal Forgiveness
Comparative Analysis of Human Psychology
The Philosophy of Religion

Even more classes available! 
The Epistle to the Hebrews
Studies in the Epistle to the Hebrews
( 24 Lectures)

The Parables of Jesus
Learn how and why the parables were used by Christ
( 24 Lectures)

The Book of Revelation
A study of future events
( 34 Lectures)

New Testament Theology
Dig Deeper into the New Testament principles of Theology
( 24 Lectures)

The Doctrine of God
A study about the many attributes of God our Creator
( 10 Lectures)

Making Disciples that make a difference
Learn to mentor after a person accepts Christ as Savior
( 20 Lectures)

Women in Scripture and Church History
A study about women in history and today
( 16 Lectures)

A Biblical Theology of Christian Education
A course that should be taken by everyone who teaches
( 16 Lectures)

The Art of Mentoring
A course that teaches you how to help others grow in Christ
( 28 Lectures)